by Aquarium

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released February 1, 2017

Album performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryland Oehlers.



all rights reserved


Aquarium Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: Trailing
we used to fall in love
but that was lost from above
made to hold our own
but don't want to die alone

did not hear what you said
its done but don't give up
i'm lost inside my head
a place we know we're stuck

we had it all before
but that was swept up from the floor
no room to make it last
lets keep it in the past

we'll find our way
we're trailing thru the cold
we're trailing thru the known
Track Name: Grow
he sits alone in his chair
he's got a face you can spare
his eyes are glued to the screen
but he knows its all just a dream of

a place he knows where people grow

his friends they all look the same
he wonders if they know the name of

will i find you there?
Track Name: In The Dirt
i'm not getting older
so i'll be right over
in a minute
i think i sold her
with my hand on her shoulder
are you in it?

baby blue colored shirt
brand new in the dirt
grab my hand if it hurts
i'll be the man in the dirt

come along we'll stay until its wrong
then miss it when it's drawn
we'll feast until the dawn
our lonely days are gone

it's next to something
or all we have is nothing
do we live it?
if it turns out boring
run away in the morning
its just a visit
Track Name: Stay
stay a flame
the height of the sun calls your name
the stars shine bright across your face

you're infinite
i'm not part of it
I'll understand
it's just the way i am

stay a float
the sea wraps right around your throat
the moon sleeps quiet under your toes
Track Name: Otherside
i found out that you're doing alright
that you're able to sleep at night
i found out that you're doing just fine
that you lay your head in arms that aren't mine

it's almost like you made things up
trying to make yourself feel loved
it's like you wanted it to be tough
to show that what i gave you wasn't enough

i knew i tried
maybe i'd be different if you hadn't lied
it's thru we died
maybe i'll see you around the otherside

i know you didn't want to stay
i know that things are better this way
you'll live your days with someone else
i just hope that you can finally find yourself

it's taken me down
a feeling that i haven't found
its taken me home
a feeling that i can be on my own
Track Name: Pain Is Gone
what to do for fun
we didn't know we were young
a future so bright
until it took over your life

you knew it all or at least i thought
i wish i was the one who said too much
maybe then i wouldn't have lost a friend
and we could all see you again

i didn't understand
the feeling that you had
but at least i know
that the pain is gone
Track Name: Repeat
i found you fast asleep
with your hair tied at the bottom
how'd you wind up next to me
when i thought i had forgotten again
Track Name: Often
i don't say often how i feel
i don't stay often i want to

it burns thru my skin
it glows violent red
it's up to my chin
it haunts me again

mostly what i wanted to say
is that i feel the same
and maybe there's a place we
can go that nobody knows

we don't talk often to the sea
we don't walk often to the tree